This blog is to record every attempts and failures for

“Passive Income”

Passive Income

What is “Passive income”? If you make money spending your time and doing some work, it’s active income. On the contrary, if you make money while you sleep, it’s passive income. then how can i make money while sleeping? It’s like to plant seeds so that later, you can make money from it. There are many kinds of seeds.

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Try & Failures

I will try seeds to achieve passive-income. And i will also post reviews. I hope this will help those who have same goal with me. Yet there is only one try, i will keep try and update the list!

Personal experience on Passive income 

blog #1

Seed – Blog#1

This is story about my first try on passive-income. I will share my experience and hope it will help you. I listed three factors that you need to consider before you start blog. And i summarized this post with review.

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I know it’s not easy. I keep thinking about whether it’s really possible or not. So any help or advice will be appreciated. Please come here and share your experience with us. or you can contact me thanks.